Setting Up A Dartboard

Before you begin the dartboard setup, there are a few considerations that you should take into account with regards to a suitable location. Find an area where there is plenty of space, but does not have lots of people walking past, since this could not only distract the players, but potentially cause injury. Ideally, the area should be approximately 11’ long and 5’ wide, with no obstacles cluttering the way and all breakable objects removed.

The wall on which the board will be mounted should have a flat surface. It can either be fixed onto a backboard or placed in a cabinet. A dart board cabinet has the added advantages of providing storage space and allowing you to shut the board away when it is not in use. You should also take into account the flooring of the area. Ensure that the floor does not slant, since this will result in a difference in height between where the player stands and where the board is mounted.

Avoid concrete surfaces, as these tend to damage the shafts of the darts when they fall on the floor. Wooden floors will become perforated with holes after a while and carpeted areas will become worn over time. A dart mat can be useful since it will not only protect the floor, but will also mark to correct distance from the throw line to the board. If you do not have a dart mat, you will need to mark the throw line (the line the player must stand behind when throwing) with tape or better still, a screwed down wood or metal bar. This should be approximately 3’ in width and exactly perpendicular to the face of the board.

When hanging the board, the correct height should be 5’8” from the centre of the bullseye to the floor.  Quality dart boards will be hung from the centre, to help with this measurement. However, if your board hangs from the top, you will need to take into account the distance from the hanger to the centre of the bullseye and add it to the height. The throw line (or Oche) should be exactly 7’ 9¼” from the face of the board as illustrated in the diagram below. Finally, you should ensure that there is adequate room for any spectators and that a scoreboard is placed adjacent to the board.

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Dartboard Set Up

Dartboard Set Up

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